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Inspiring young leaders to empower themselves and their communities 

“I am because we are” (African proverb)

The Young Leaders project is aimed at inspiring young people to not only empower themselves but also their respective communities. Drawing upon the core principles of Kwanzaa, our work with young leaders is that which enables them to develop the skills, knowledge and attributes to empower their communities and transform the world around them.


The Young Leaders programme is based on the Nguzo Saba the core principles of Kwanzaa. In Swahili a language of East Africa, the seven principles are:

Umoja = Unity

Kujichagulia = Self-determination

Ujima = Collective work and responsibility

Ujamaa = Co-operative economics

Nia = Purpose

Kuumba = Creativity

Imani = Faith

Our impact

Our Young Leaders have developed skills in networking, leadership and volunteering.

  • Young leader Louis developed a Maths to Oxford workshop for our Supplementary School students to inspire an interest in Maths.

  • Young leader Theo set up his own charity, Marinel Foundation to support children and young people in Ghana.

  • Young leader Trishuana was the winner of the Caribbean and African Health Network (CAHN) 2019 Leadership and Empowerment Award

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