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We deliver programmes based in community research that help people of African and Caribbean heritage to get ahead and achieve their ambitions


Our mission

To provide relevant and accessible education, employment and enterprise services, in particular to people of African and Caribbean heritage, so they can fulfil their potential and achieve their aspirations.

Our vision

To be renowned as a catalyst for promoting and increasing levels of diverse representation in education, employment and enterprise, in particular for people of African and Caribbean heritage.

Our history

Louise Da-Cocodia was one of the founding members of Cariocca Enterprise Ltd and Carioca Education Trust. The Trust was established to offer financial support to students of African and Caribbean heritage enrolled on college and university courses in, for example, accountancy, engineering, medicine, dentistry, science and IT.


When Louise passed away on the 18th of March 2008, we honoured her exceptional commitment to the Manchester community by re-naming Cariocca Education Trust to the Louise Da-Cocodia Education Trust (L.D.E.T). 

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