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Alie Barrie

Alie Barrie age 17, attends Sixth Form at Sale Grammar School. He is studying A-Level music, maths, chemistry and AS-Level French. He enjoys playing the saxophone, which he has been playing since year 5 and has completed his Grade 4 exam. Currently, he is working on completing his Grade 5 theory exam, whilst learning Grade 7-8 level pieces of music. He has recently started learning to play the double bass. He is a member of 4 bands, 2 of which are in school.

Outside of music, Allie’s favourite hobby is karate, which he started roughly the same time as the saxophone. He is on stage 1 of brown belt and is close to achieving stage 2. In his free time, he likes to play video games, listen to music and compose his own music. In the future, his goal is to compose music for video games and possibly even make music for films and TV shows.

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