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Nikuare's story

At the age of 18, Nikuare became involved with the work of the Louise Da-Cocodia Education trust Getting A-Head Project. She has since made a significant contribution to the achievements of other young people in particular those who attend the Mrs D’s Saturday Supplementary School and the Getting A Head Personal and Cultural Development Project summer programmes.. Having left school with 10 GCSE’s and three ‘A’ levels Nikuare recently graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a degree in Forensic Science and Anthropology.

Nikaure’s reasons for becoming involved with the GAP summer programmes and Saturday Supplementary school is consistent with the Trust belief in the importance of recognising the need for our children and young people to be healthy and safe, do well in their studies, help other people and continue to Get A-Head. She has also successfully recruited other university students who are now tutors and mentors on both programmes.

It is for this reason why the Trust decided to nominate Nikuare for the 2015 Jamaica Society annual Manchester Young Achiever’s Recognition Award for young people of African and or Caribbean descent/origins aged 10-25 years old.  The purpose of the Award is to recognise minority talent and the contributions made by young people in their local community. There was a total of five categories, and based on her work with the Trust, Nikuare was the winner in the category “Made significant contributions to the quality of life of other people’.

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