Maths with Louis

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Our young leader Louis is a student of Maths at Oxford University and was a Supplementary School volunteer. We were very grateful to Louis for delivering a Maths to Oxford workshop to inspire our current students and parents and encourage their ambitions. Here is what they had to say about the workshop:

"This lesson was very interesting. I think this because he tells us about his university and

what it is like." (student)

"It wasn’t boring it was very interesting how maths isn’t just equations, its also in

everyday life and I learnt a lot. Thank you Louis." (student)

"I never liked maths until today. I have learnt that maths is connected to everything. I am going

to learn and support children." (parent)

"Well done for seeing you can have a positive impact on our boy’s lives. I’m, sure you have

inspired them." (parent)

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