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Trishuana Stewart

Trishauna Stewart is a Mancunian writer, researcher, educator and activist. Trishauna’s

relationship with literature developed in her formative years, beginning with the reci-

tation and writing of poetry and short stories. The ability to see and contextualise the

poetics of language – especially in its relation to histories of oppression, enslavement,

diaspora, war and conflict, social injustice, ecological crisis and colonialism –

At the age of 13 Trishuna wrote the poem, Emancipation of the Black Dove. This poem

was performed at events, gaining the attention of local poets, educators, and activists.

Since then, Trishauna has written many other poems and short stories. Her writing experience is not limited to literature. After graduating from MMU in English and Politics in

2016, she began to develop a portfolio of published journalistic work. Her writing experience also includes academic writing (having successfully published/completed academic works

In 2019 she also completed a manuscript on the life of Louise Da-Cocodia. The biographical narrative vividly depicts Louise Da-Cocodia’s vision as a social justice campaigner and empowering community force/figure. The work underlines the importance of not only highlighting, but seeing and experiencing the contributions of the African-Caribbean community.

Her own education service, I CAN Education supports the academic excellence of youth

from the local/national/international African, Caribbean and Asian community. Youth

members are supported in the practice of developing a diverse range of writing skills.

Trishauna’s love for education, literature and her local/global community is evidenced

in her research work, as well as the research groups and platforms which she has devel-

oped. Her activism, unique theoretical works, and service to community has seen her

contributing to many events and conferences. She has also stood as a representative of

her city and country of origin (Jamaica) on national and international fronts.

Trishauna is also the executive editor of an online platform (soon to be live) dedicated

to instigating change and connection through several prisms of thought. Most recently,

Trishauna, as event producer, has launched a series of de-colonial climate action/justice

events involving activists, researchers and writers from across the globe.

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