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Nikuare Bisson

Nikuare Bisson is a laboratory technician for ALS- Inspection. As a

lover of science and being very inquisitive by nature, she studied Forensic Science and

Forensic Anthropology and did a Masters in Forensic Anthropology

and Forensic Archaeology.

Her passion for science led her to teaching children aged 8-16 at the

Louise Da-Cocodia Education Trust Supplementary School and Sum-

mer School. She is keenly interested in how children learn and she

enjoys discovering with students how they learnt to arrive at an answer and asked more questions.

Her work with children started while, as a young person herself, she

volunteered at a local primary school, assisting teachers and staff in

facilitating children’s learning. Still in keeping with education, Nikuare

later went on to work for Ofsted, supporting primarily early years cli-

ents who wanted to register with the organisation.

Nikuare is also a member of the Grenadian Overseas Association –

Manchester, which brings together the Grenadian community, as well

as the Caribbean diaspora and local communities of various back-

grounds. She has also taken part in and contributed to the success of

various community groups and projects/events over the years in


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