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Lorna Downer

Lorna is the Treasurer and Director of Communications and Social Media with the CAHN organisation (Caribbean African Health Network). Lorna has been involved in community and youth work in different areas since the age of 17. She is a member of different boards on community development, education and health. Lorna’s career path led her to study fashion and design at Manchester Metropolitan University and has had several businesses in manufacturing and retail fashion.

After having 4 children the youngest of whom has a diagnosis of autism she became involved in developing stronger means of support and access to resources for disabled children and their families. Lorna currently delivers autism awareness training for the National Autistic Society. After experiencing the need for better access to services, Lorna works on developing training for staff in cultural venues across Greater Manchester. Lorna is well connected within the local community and with stakeholders across agencies and her role as Director of Communications and Social Media is to ensure effective dissemination of information across the board of directors and with stakeholders for CAHN.


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