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Louise Da-Cocodia

My name is Louise Da-Cocodia! Few

people know me by the name of Louise,

rather, they call me Mrs D. If you speak to

my family, friends and peers, it will become

apparent that they have much to say about

me. Many will use words such as “activist”,

“campaigner”, “caring nurse”, “educator”,

“leader”, “ambassador” and so forth to

describe my character. I undertook much

much work within my community. Many comment that I had my “hands in everything”. Yes, it is true. I became very much involved with work in numerous public and private sectors.

Upon arriving in England, I began working within the NHS and was able to rise up the ranks. I understood that working within the NHS was not my only purpose in life. It was also my duty to care for, strengthen, educate, uplift

and most importantly, empower people within my community. I knew that the power to do great things was within me and I never took a back seat; instead I took action.

When many did not exercise forms of protest, I campaigned. When there was no one who looked like me on the magistrate’s bench, I took a seat and recoloured courtroom drawings. When the teacher was absent, I lead, building educational opportunities upon the

foundation of progress. I became the teacher. I dedicated my life to making a real difference. Entering spaces which regularly excluded others like me, I challenged ruling authorities. My work sought to create better opportunities for those of African-Caribbea decent within my community. My work sought to empower women and girls.

Louise DaCocodia @ Trishauna Stewart 2017 Tutor: Louise Da-Cocodia Supplementary School


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