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Kemoy Walker

Kemoy Walker age 32, from Moss Side, Manchester, was recognised by the Prime Minister David Cameron for establishing projects that bring together and inspire young people in his local community. Kemoy moved from Jamaica to the Moss Side estate at age 11. After seeing the devastating effect that gang violence had on the local area, he was inspired to bring about

positive change in his community.

For the last 17+ years Kemoy has worked in partnership with Powerhouse running a popular youth club for young people. He set up a debating club, managed media projects and ran accredited courses in IT. Kemoy also founded a group called KYSO, which is made up of around 105 young people from Moss Side. The group provides a purpose and an inspiration to troubled young people.

Kemoy provides pastoral support, advice and lessons in entrepreneurship. Kemoy is a Moss Side Ambassador, acting as a positive voice for the Caribbean community across Manchester. He was also the driving force behind the foundation of the Manchester Youth Council, prompting young people to engage with their community. He did all of this and also became the youngest person in Britain to become a qualified Teaching Assistant. In 2010 he gained his adult teaching qualification and is now a full-time teacher in the area.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“Kemoy has shown himself to be a real community champion, supporting and empowering Moss Side’s young people to get the skills and opportunities they need to shape their own lives and make the changes they want to see in their city. I’m pleased to name him a Point of Light in 2016.”

Kemoy has also achieved the Nelson Mandela Award in 2022, for his ongoing service to the local community.

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