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Doretta Maynard

Dorretta is a Health and Well Being Fitness Instructor. As a community activist, her voluntary work includes FikaWelie Caribbean and African Mental Health Unit CIC, Greater Manchester Older People’s Network, Cancer Care Diaspora, CanSurviveUK. and a trustee with the Louise Da-Cocodia Education Trust Based on her voluntary work with numerous organisations, earlier this year Dorretta was one of the winners of the BBC Radio Manchester Make A Difference Award. Along with her team at Talking About My Generation –MyGen Reporters she also won the Queens Award 2022. Dorreta was also amongst the recipients of the Caribbean and African Health Network (CAHN) Services to Volunteering Award, Dorretta is an established poet and actor which includes supporting roles in Coronation St, Emmerdale and Holly Oaks, She was also one of the leading actors in the Louise Da-Cocodia Education Trust Windrush Women Backbone of the NHS stage production.


Black Woman Black Woman Black Woman

Do you NOT see how majestic and fine

You are........

Like a fine deep red wine fermented over time you carry a great richness that smells and

taste divine.........

You are more than the jewels you wear so regal and fine

Black Woman Black Woman Black Woman

Do you NOT know that you are the (as the) Mother of Nations

You are.......

Like a vessel that carries the prince and princesses of our future creations

You are on the lips of every nation cos you are more than a sensation

Black Woman Black Woman Black Woman

Do you NOT see how purposely ( you are) designed and shaped

You are... ..

The epitome of all mankind

You are the mould that all were brought here into being our kind

Black Woman Black Woman Black Woman

Do you NOT see your intelligence (is so) profound and remarkable

You are.... ....

The hub of all knowledge as it comes natural to you like fine marble you stand out wherever

you go and with whatever you do

You are the true marking

Black Woman Black Woman Black Woman

Do you NOT see that everything you put your hand to turns to gold and is so sort after


You are........

Gifted talented and scientifically blessed

You are the reason why we are

Black Woman Black Woman Black Woman

Do you NOT see you are the centre the beginning the carrier the DNA

You are.......

To all mankind the mother earth the true queen the legacy of the true DNA

YOU Black Woman Black Woman Black Woman

YOU YES YOU Black Woman Black Woman Black Woman YES YOU.

By Dorretta Maynard (ç)

14th February 2020

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