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Chinaiyah Lauder-Bell

Chinaiyah Lauder-Bell is a 21 year old university student in the field of Theatrical, Special Effects & Media Make Up. Chinaiyah has worked really hard to reach this level of education as she has learning difficulties and has a mental health condition which can be debilitating!

Chinaiyah also suffered the loss of her Dad who died suddenly a couple of months after her 18th Birthday, also adding to her trauma!! However, despite the ups and downs, she does fight to survive in a world that is not naturally sympathetic to her needs.

Chin has a very creative streak which led her to excel in art class whilst at school. She found that she was able to express herself in a unique way which began her experimentation with different styles and eventually led to the creation of her own lash line, Minks by Martinez. They are custom-made eyelashes made to order, branded and packaged by Chin.

Chin has a natural talent for the arts and began singing in church. This led to her singing at events with youth group KYSO led by her cousin Kemoy Walker. She was led and nurtured by Kemoy to follow her heart and this led her into dance and choreography. Prior to going to university, she was one of the teachers and dancers with Jet Black Dance Academy.

Chinaiyah has a natural interest for elderly folk. She assisted her grandmother’s elderly church members care group especially during Covid. Here, her caring nature and culinary skills were fine tuned as she assisted with the preparation and delivery of meals and supported their IT lessons. As mentioned earlier, Chin has a number of health issues but is a prime example of working against the odds without giving in to achieve positive results.

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