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Tarnya Coley

Tarnya is the Award-winning director of TC Publishing. She helps women from all over the globe find their voices and put their stories down on paper so they can be shared far and wide and impact the lives of others.

As well as publishing other people’s stories, Tarnya has self-published three of her own and has four publications, which are available on Amazon. Her latest bestselling book, Plan it. See it. Anticipate, is endorsed by the world-renowned motivational speaker Les Brown. Tarnya received a SIMA global award for the most influential woman in 2021. She is a regular contributor to Wythenshawe radio and speaks on podcasts world-wide. She also hosts webinars on writing books, setting goals and overcoming obstacles Tarnya was asked by Trishuana Stewart who chaired this panel comprising of herself and Jackie Bailey to draw from her unique experiences as an award-winning director, in thinking about self-determination and individual/community advancement. In response , she stressed the importance of individuals having a vision akin to her mantra/system ‘Plan it, See it, Anticipate it’, which is also the title of one of the bestselling books that she has authored. The importance of having focus was made clear, as were the links to the sense of responsibility that comes when one’s work (including collaborative work) has influence (Ujima). All such visions and narration of Coley’s journey also highlighted the value of time and how it can be used as an aspect of life which cooperates with purpose, goals, creativity and unity; thus creating an appropriate and supportive atmosphere for self-determination.

The audience was also connected deeply to Bailey’s journey of empowerment, which is one which allows individuals, institutions, systems and culture/cultural centres to seize transformational power. Bailey’s presentation outlined her commitment to enabling individuals/groups of people to unite and organise ‘with clarity of purpose, values, vision building and alignment’(Nia, Umoja, Ujima, Imani). Furthermore , Bailey’s narration, also underlined her dedication to the process of change, especially in thinking about vision, connections to place and ways to move people closer to purpose and value-led vision building. Trishauna further stated that the “Audience were also highly interested in Bailey’s method of journalling and Coley’s strategy for planned action, in overcoming challenges faced by many black women.”

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