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Sandra Smith

My name is Sandra Smith, experienced Maths Teacher/ Director of Learning and Co-Curriculum, with over 3 decades of experience in teaching. Also, Author and Founder of Focus Lane Book Company.

My experience extends, even further.

I'm a Motivational Speaker and I deliver motivational workshops /Maths Intervention Sessions to targeted learners. This includes a big focus on African Carribbean Boys, who are at risk of not achieving a pass grade in their GCSE Maths. I'm more than happy to discuss this in further details. Please email

In addition to the above, my career in education has led me to create a set of Motivational Notebooks.

✅There are 4 subject notebooks: English, Maths and Science. Along with an open subject notebook. They are filled with encouraging motivational quotes throughout, to promote positive growth mindset. All centred around what matters the most to children, when they're learning

✅What's different about Focus Lane Notebooks? Our books help students to organise their resources, with a content page at the start of each subject book. They can record key topics as they study; for help with homework, class work or revision. They can refer to the page number to find their written work.

Focus Lane Motivational Notebooks were created in the classroom from a magical moment with my year 10 learners.

Please visit to see the full range of books on offer.

New Editions published in June 2022

I'm proud to announce my new edition of Motivational Notebooks, which are suitable for both children and adults. I'm more than happy to connect with schools and other educational organisations to see how we could work together.Thank you for your time.

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