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Jackie Bailey

Jackie Bailey, founder of BEE You! Personal Development Ltd, delivers transformational coaching, workshops, seminars and retreats. Supporting individuals, groups, teams and organisations with clarity of purpose, values, vision building and alignment is at the heart of her work. A lover of literature and a keen advocate of arts for wellbeing, Jackie is a Manchester UNESCO City of Literature Community Champion. In 2021-22 Jackie championed and co-designed a programme sharing a world of literature that embraced spoken word, music, journaling, memoir writing, history and poetry; all connected to enhancing wellbeing and personal development. An esteemed life coach and creative practitioner,

Jackie is passionate about supporting people to improve their wellbeing by using a range of personal development and self-care tools, including journaling. Jackie is a Visiting Fellow at Manchester Writing School, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Jackie is also the Director of J Bailey Consulting Limited (JBCL) providing management consultancy services to a range of organisations across the private, public, voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors. Specialisms include stakeholder involvement; strategy & policy development; diversity, equality & inclusion (DEI); staff & leadership development. Jackie has worked operationally & strategically on a range of issues impacting diverse people. She has vast experience of working inclusively & effectively engaging people with positive & improved outcomes across stakeholder groups. She has worked extensively with the NHS.

At the LDET Book Fair Jackie discussed the importance of, and fulfilment gained from, identifying and living in alignment with your purpose and values, creating a vision that encompasses these and living as your authentic self, being true to who you are. Audience interaction took place and tips were shared.

Jackie introduced Untold Stories of the NHS, noting that as Park Hospital, now Trafford General, was the first NHS Hospital, the Untold Stories project focused on sharing stories of staff and volunteers based there. As a Community Champion with Manchester UNESCO City of Literature, Jackie was coordinating the Windrush NHS Untold Stories programme. She informed attendees of the upcoming 6 multi-genre Windrush workshops being delivered for and by African Caribbean people, encouraging attendees to participate and to share details of the programme. It is a pleasure to note that a Book Festival attendee became a Windrush NHS writer.

In the 75th anniversary year of both the NHS and the arrival in the UK of the ship

HMT Empire Windrush, the Untold Stories of the NHS project was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and led by Manchester Metropolitan University in partnership with Manchester UNESCO City of Literature. Untold Stories of the NHS celebrates the contributions of workers in a range of roles from diverse backgrounds, to the delivery of care and to the NHS story. Integral to this, Windrush Untold Stories of the NHS celebrates the contributions of workers from the Windrush generation, and the communities they founded, to the NHS story in Manchester. Windrush sessions took place January to June 2023, including 6 workshops, mentoring, and participants leading a workshop as ‘Windrush NHS Writers’ at the end of June.

The Untold Stories of the NHS launch took place in July 2023, in the week of the 75th anniversary of the NHS. The launch formally opened the exhibition at Manchester Poetry Library, Manchester Metropolitan University and introduced the Untold Stories of the NHS website, which includes Windrush NHS Stories.

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