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Cleveland McCurdy

Cleve has for several years been the chair of Cariocca Enterprises Ltd, which is based over two sites in Ardwick and Miles Platting. Cariocca Enterprises was incorporated in 1986 with the aim of encouraging, facilitating, and supporting entrepreneurs from the African and Caribbean diaspora. Prior to becoming the Chair of Cariocca Enterprises, Cleve was the chair of its sister company, Positive Action Cariocca Training, which placed ethnic minority graduates into work placements where there was underrepresentation. Cleve is an engineer by profession and was transferred in 1982 up to the Northwest (which he now regards as home) by Siemens Ltd, where he was the manager of the Power Engineering Service group, installing, commissioning, and servicing the products provided to major northwest companies in the automation and manufacturing field.

Alongside all of the above, Cleve was the first Chair of the now-subsumed City College Manchester for eight years; he led the separation from Manchester City control into independence and oversaw the growth and establishment of the college as a leading light. Cleve is a keen golfer and was Captain for two years of Ringway Golf Club

during the Covid period. In becoming Captain, he was the first black Captain of a major golf club in Cheshire.

My message to you all is simply this:

  1. Do not be afraid to be in the vanguard and to be an agent for change, very often we are reluctant to be the only one in a situation or taking up a contrary stance

  2. Trust me its uncomfortable and its where I have been for most of my professional life in being the only black manager during my 16 years with Siemens. I was the only black man as Chair of a college when colleges became independent. The only black golfer in my club, the only black face around when playing against other clubs in Cheshire.

  3. You must understand yourself, challenge yourself to do what’s right and earning your own self-respect.

  4. The ability to be clear about who you are and what you’re about, especially when faced with the need to adapt and conform/confront changing situations.

  5. Be able to take a deep breath, bite your tongue and don’t let your stuff dictate and regulate your responses.

  6. Step up and face the issues/people that are causing you stress.

  7. Sometimes we must tolerate discomfort for the sake of growth.

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