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Women and Families


Julie Asumu, Erinma Bell, Wendy Henry and Zam Zam Mohammed were interviewed for the Women Of The Soil project with a focus on Women and Families in addition to general questions including about their community activism, achievements and the legacy of Louise Da-Cocodia.

Julie Asumu

In addition to her paid and voluntary work with the Chrysalis Centre in Moss Side, Julie Asumu has worked in partnership with Louise Da-Cocodia and Elouise Edwards on a range of community development initiatives.

Erinma Bell

Dr.Erinma Bell, MBE, DL – Community Activist in Peace & Conflict Resolution

Wendy Henry

For a number of years Wendy Henry has worked at a grassroots level with women in Kenya and Ethiopia  on issues in relation to  women’s rights.

Zam Zam Mohammed

Samsam Qassim Mohamud is planning to open her beauty salon in 2019 and this will also be an opportunity for her to support  women of all nationalities.

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