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Our partner, the West Indian Sports & Social Club, provides a focal point for the Windrush
generation in terms of its social, cultural and educational heritage 

The West Indian Sports & Social Club  (WISSC) was created in 1953. Since that time, the
WISSC has maintained its presence in Manchester as the only membership lead
community self-help group dedicated to providing a focal point for the Windrush

The WISSC founding members included Ashton Douglas, Ashton Gore and Euston
Christian. All three men served in the RAF and fought in the 2nd World War.
Ashton Gore returned to Jamaica at the end of the war and Euston Christian was
amongst the passengers on MV Windrush. He later became the first Black JP in
Manchester. Ashton Gore returned to England in 1951, the year that Hurricane
Charlie devastated the island.

The University of Manchester Professor Arthur Lewis, who in 1979 was awarded the
Noble Memorial Prize for his contribution to the field of economic development, was
also involved in the development of the WISCC. He and WISSC created evening
class centre in Hulme to support many of the Windrush Generation with literacy and
numeracy needs. This centre was funded by Manchester City Council.

In addition to its partnership work in areas of education and training, the WISSC
activities also include:

  • Weekly immigration advice service

  • Workshops on Health, Welfare and Social issues impacting on the wider

  • Windrush generation community.

  • Mother and Toddler groups

  • Table Tennis drop-in sessions for children

  • Meeting space for community groups

  • 'From the cradle to the grave’ celebration events for members.

  • Part of a network of other Windrush generation social clubs which exchange

  • visits to each other across England.

During covid 19, WISSC in partnership with Louise Da-Cocodia Education Trust
were able to obtain freshly cooked, affordable hot meals from the Mission in the City
A Bite to Eat Project for distribution to local elders and vulnerable people within
the community free of cost.

The WISSC now has a fully functioning committee made up of Trustees and Non-
Trustees, whom its members have mandated to build on its history and to
take the club to the ‘Next level’ in terms of its activities, accessibility, and economic

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