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Shirley Angela Gordon


Sunrise 21 May 1962 

Sunset 10 December 2015

Shirley graduated from Manchester Polytechnic (now Manchester Metropolitan University) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology. She worked as a microbiologist in different locations throughout the country and held several positions including that of General Manager. Obtaining her PGCE qualification Shirley joined the teaching staff at Manchester City College.

Not a woman willing to accept restrictions.

Never one to cover of bow to an affliction.

Content to laugh in the face of calamity.

Not you style to see composures crumble quietly.


Ready to chastise those that blew you smoke.

Swift to bless those selfless-brimming yolk.

For those you  made your credit studying the very small

You wouldn’t lose sight of the cast potential in them


Daniel Gordon (Nephew)

A community and cultural activist Shirley joined the Trust and alongside, Elizabeth Lauder, Beverley Hypolite and Valrie Tait Saunders was integral in the development of the current Louise Da-Cocodia Educational Trust Saturday Supplementary 5 to 16 school provision.


Believing that our children and young people needed to own the provision, she said that the ‘Louise Da-Cocodia Education Trust Saturday School was too much of a mouthful for them to say to their peers so opted for the child friendly ‘Mrs D's’. Energetic and extremely well organised Shirley managed the administrative tasks, and was ‘front of house’ communicating with parents and carers, teachers and volunteers as well as organising the timetable and resources.


Shirley brought to Mrs D's the skills and knowledge gained from her involvement with the Abasindi Women’s Co-operative  in the 1980's which embodied the ‘can do’ attitude we wanted to pass on to our students.  She was also a member of Moss Side Arts Group and Sistas GAL!’ Get Active with Literature, Women’s reading group. She facilitated at conferences and support events valuing the empowerment and leadership of and by  ‘sistas’ as a vital life force and our social and intellectual capital.


In 2015 in recognition of her work with the Saturday School she was nominated by the Trust as a recipient of the Manchester City Council ‘Be Proud Awards’, an award aimed at honouring those making significant contributions to the community.  She was one of the three finalists in the ‘Unsung Hero Awards’ category. Shirley was very proud, as one of the trustees, to have been nominated by the Trust and on the 4th December 2015, Shirley, as one of the finalist, accepted her award.


Recognising the loving support and encouragement of her family she dedicated that award to them acknowledging how their selflessness had enabled her to continue with her voluntary work across Greater Manchester.

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