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Health and Housing


Carol Baxter, Mary Chaba, Verna Davis and Jeanette Stanley were interviewed for the Women Of The Soil project with a focus on Health and Housing in addition to general questions including about their community activism, achievements and the legacy of Louise Da-Cocodia.

Carol Baxter

Professor Carol Baxter CBE is an Independent Equality, Diversity & Human Rights and Workplace investigations Consultant.

Mary Chaba

Alongside her successful nursing career, Mary Chaba and her Nigerian husband Anthony Chaba MBE, has been married for forty-five years.

Verna Davis

Verna Davis is the Service manager for the Manchester Sickle Cell and Thalassemia Centre. She is also a member of the B Positive Choir, one of the finalist in the 2018 Britain’s Got talent TY competition.

Jeanette Stanley

Jeanette Stanley has been a Justice of the Peace since 1996 and sits as a Magistrate on the Manchester City Youth and Adult bench.

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