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Enterprise and Employment


Lorna Downer, Mumba Kafula, Betty Luckham, Jackie McNeish and Natalie Teniola were interviewed for the Women Of The Soil project with a focus on Enterprise and Employment in addition to general questions including about their community activism, achievements and the legacy of Louise Da-Cocodia.

Lorna Downer

Lorna Downer is the Director of Communications and Social Media with the Caribbean, African Health Network (CAHN).

Mumba Kafula

Mumba Kafula is the author of the recently published book – “Dynamic Heights:  How to be a confident woman in 7 easy steps”

Betty Luckham

Betty Luckham settled in the UK in 1959 and was one of the founding members of Cariocca Enterprise Ltd.

Jackie McNeish

As an entrepreneur, Jackie McNeish high end 100% natural product helps to boost the body’s immune system and the promotion of a healthy life.

Natalie Teniola

NatalieTeniola is the Director of Heart 2 Hearts and creative director of KodedKolour.

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