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Education and Training


Judy Craven, Marilyn Cuffy, Tony Harris and Diane Watt were interviewed for the Women Of The Soil project with a focus on Education and Training in addition to general questions including about their community activism, achievements and the legacy of Louise Da-Cocodia.

Judy Craven

During her 26 years with Manchester Adult Education Service, Judy organised and taught on a range of courses  for Women returning to Education.

Marilyn Cuffy

Marilyn Cuffy was one of the co-founders and a member of Sojourners Black Women’s Refuge in Manchester.

Tony Harris

Following her job interview with Louise Da-Cocodia in 1991,Tony Harris later became the chair of the Moss Side &Hulme Women’s Action Forum.

Diane Watt

Dr. Diane Watt  is one of  Cariocca Enterprise Ltd  directors  and Chair of the  Louise  Da-Cocodia  Education Trust.

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