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Culture and Faith

Deanne Heron, Dawn Owen-Harris, Erica McInnis, Francia Messado and Kim Wasey were interviewed for the Women Of The Soil project with a focus on Culture and Faith in addition to general questions including about their community activism, achievements and the legacy of Louise Da-Cocodia.

Deanne Heron

Deanne Heron is a counsellor/trainer, foster carer, poet and author of two volumes of humorous short stories collection, Pardner Money Stories.

Dawn Owen-Harris

Dawn Owen-Harris is a self-employed finance and business manager.  She is also involved with various community initiatives on a voluntary basis.

Erica McInnis

Dr. Erica Mapule Mcinnis is the Director and Principal Chartered Clinical Psychologist with Nubia Wellness and Healing.

Francia Messado

At the age of 16, FranciaMessado joined Abasindi Black Women’s cooperative and was one of the organisation’s Pan African Drummers and dancers.

Revd Kim Wasey

Revd Dr Kim Wasey is a Chaplain at the University of Salford and an Assistant Priest at St. Chrysostom.

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