Our Team


We are a dedicated team of teachers, educators, volunteers, activists and community leaders. 

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Sandra Garwood

Maths Teacher

I'm a qualified Secondary Mathematics teacher based in Manchester, teaching KS3 and KS4. At the Supplementary School, I have been involved in teaching GCSE mathematics to secondary school pupils and delivering the 11+ programme. I enjoyed helping in the delivery of learner-centred sessions aimed at supporting students build their confidence in mathematics and develop their knowledge and understanding of the topic. In my current role, as Online Support Coordinator, I am supporting the organisation in setting up and developing its online teaching provision.

Trishauna Stewart
English Teacher

I am a Manchester-based tutor/mentor, researcher, and writer. A proud member of the team, I've taught Secondary level English at the Supplementary School since Winter 2014. I create a supportive environment, where students believe in their ideas, abilities and potential, seeing beyond any limitations. I encourage my students to embrace their unique and original ways of thinking. Such thought is encouraged through the innovative and creative teaching approaches used – often incorporating socio-cultural theories/material. As well as ensuring academic success, my lessons also encourage students to see the connections between English, other subjects and every-day life. Importantly, they are also empowered and encouraged to explore, critique and contextualise English language, literature and linguistics in relation to past/current and future African and Caribbean histories. I enjoy continuing the mission of Louise Da-Cocodia through my work at the Supplementary School .

Serena Robinson 

I am a recent MA graduate from the University of Manchester. I have been volunteering at the Supplementary School since October 2019 and it has been great meeting all the staff and pupils! From volunteering here, I understand the importance of supplementary schools in the Black community and why it is integral to enrich our future generations.