Parent and Pupil Engagement Network


Our network was established in 2017 to enable Black parents to have active participation in their children's education. 

Our aims

  1. Build a culture of success – recognise and celebrate children and young people’s achievements

  2. Increase levels of representation such as school governors

  3. Support parents to address issues and concerns specifically in relation to their child or children’s progress and learning needs

  4. Motivate learning through the everyday experiences of children and young people

  5. Develop parents' understanding of the school curriculum

  6. Establish and improve communication between parents, teachers, children and young people

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What we've achieved


Our parents are active ambassadors of the work we do at the Louise Da-Cocodia Supplementary School (LDSS).  Their proactive participation helps develop and expand the network. Parents have supported our work with:


  • Ideas for fundraising

  • Networking with similar groups

  • Setting up a parents' WhatsApp group

  • Preparing students to participate in a spelling B

  • Supporting parents with immigration issues caused by the Windrush Scandal by working with Windrush Wonders

  • Publicity and recruitment of students

  • Setting up opportunities for students such as the Windrush Wonders who provided a legal student to speak to the pupils about the legal aspect of setting up a business​


Our impact

Through our work we see the participation of parents increase at:

  • Manchester Metropolitan University Community Learning Festivals

  • University of Manchester Community Festival

  • Workshops and training sessions


"I really appreciate the support that both my son and I have received from the Saturday School."


Parent of pupil age 13

Through the network, we have been able to create proactive rather than reactive opportunities for parents to engage with their children's education. For example parents have:

  • Attended several enrichment activities such as the Film Archive in Manchester, Black Cultural Archives in London and a science visit to Jodrell Bank in Cheshire

  • Attended LDSS afternoon assembly where the keynote speaker was       Dr Jason Arday

  • Attended open days, cultural market events, and met with tutors regarding children’s progress etc.

  • Engaged with tutors/Trustees for support when experiencing challenges with main stream schools

  • Received support from Trustees who engaged with main stream schools on their behalf to prevent exclusion

  • Participated in the Maths-Oxford Workshops