Our programmes

Our Getting Ahead programmes focus on developing aspirations in education, employment and enterprise. Through our work we support children, young people and adults of African and Caribbean heritage to sow the seeds of success.

Supplementary School

Ensuring that our children and young people develop the knowledge and skills that will enable them to excel in areas of education, employment and enterprise.

Active Community Elders

An intergenerational programme informed by the South African concept of Ubuntu which embodies the idea of connection, community and mutual caring for all.

Young Leaders

The Young Leaders Project is aimed at inspiring young people to not only empower themselves but also their respective communities. 

Cultural Market - 126.jpg
Cultural Market

A platform for existing and emerging new businesses to show case their skills and market their products

Women of the Soil

The Women of the Soil Project focuses on the aspirations, activism and achievements of Black women in Manchester from the 1980's onwards.

Parent and Pupil Engagement Network

We support and connect parents and pupils to develop shared learning and a sense of community.

Partnership work with Marinel Foundation

We're working with Marinel Foundation to help improve educational outcomes of children and young people in Ghana.

We need your support

Our work is needed now more than ever and we need your support.​​

It costs us around £20,000 to run our Supplementary School

We need £20,000 to continue supporting our community elders

Our Young Leaders programme needs £10,000 to be delivered

Our funders

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Community-Led Organisations Recovery Scheme (CCLORS)