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2020 arrived with a ‘BANG’ bringing with it extraordinary challenges and the need for change which has extremely impacted our teachers, young people and parents across the city (in fact worldwide).  Teachers have had to adapt quickly to new ways of teaching, children to new ways of learning and parents to new ways of supporting their children’s education.  Teachers have had to find new ways of interacting with their pupils, adapt to new rhythms of learning whilst providing emotional support.

The way in which Louise Da-Cocodia Education Trust (LDET) operates is also impacted by COVID 19.  Currently, we do not have the capacity to conduct face to face teaching interactions whilst dealing with government regulations in keeping our staff and children safe. 


Our community of staff, children and families are at the heart of everything we do and we are totally committed to helping you manage the continuing impact of COVID 19 and keep you learning through this pandemic.  Consequently, the decision was taken to move to a virtual environment.  The decision was not taken easily or lightly as it entailed the development of new policies and ensuring a suitable and safe online platform was available for us to utilise

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