Our curriculum enables children in the community to access additional educational, cultural and social opportunities to ensure that they have equal opportunities to achieve.

Class sizes are limited to 10 in Primary and 15 in Secondary in order to maximise the amount of support learners receive.

The English, Mathematics and Science Programmes are delivered in line with the English National Curriculum.

Black History and Culture

Our history and culture is embedded throughout the curriculum. We support young people to explore their African and Caribbean heritage so they can express themselves, grow and be aspirational. 




The mathematics programme focuses on learning and appreciating maths in the world around us.  Learners will be introduced to interactive lessons that help them to develop their analytical and problem-solving skills that can then be applied across subjects and in many different job roles.


Our objective is to improve and promote high standards of language and literacy skills.  Learners will be introduced to a more diverse range of fiction and non-fiction text.  They will be encouraged to use their imagination and write creatively.  Support will also be given in helping them identify and apply grammatical concepts in their writing.




We provide weekly support with English, Verbal Reasoning, Maths, and Non Verbal Reasoning to help learners prepare for Grammar School or Independent school entrance exams.


We allow children to enjoy science again and reminds them that we are all scientists at heart. Our lessons hope to cover all learning style and techniques, ensuring that the children think, question, suggest, engage and reassess their understanding of how something can be. 



We also support our young people to achieve their cultural and sporting ambitions. Our enrichment activities include cultural visits, guest lecturers, sports and outdoor education. 

Personal and cultural history is embedded throughout all our programmes so that we can supplement what mainstream school does not provide: learning about ourselves and the world.

Family Learning


There is an African centric understanding that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and Louise Da-Cocodia Education Trust believe in this tenet.   We are dedicated not just to the education of children but where possible, to also support the wider family. Similarly, we believe that learning is a continued process of life’s journey hence, the rolling out of our family learning programme.  It is anticipated that the family learning programme will create lasting change in how education is approached within families in African and African Caribbean heritage families.  


Benefits from engaging with the family learning programme include:


  • an understanding that learning is fun

  • generating a desire for further learning

  • improved relationship between inter-generations of family members

  • improved self-confidence, health and wellbeing

  • increased parental involvement in their children’s schools and or local community

  • increased social networking opportunities

  • increased parental ability to support their children’s learning at home

  • improved capacity to advocate on their children’s behalf 

  • improved ability to gain employment or start a business

Supplementary students enjoyed a trip to the Black History Archive in London

Our sporting activities help young people to:

  • Keep fit and have fun

  • Eat well and exercising

  • Work in groups

  • Build confidence and self-esteem

  • Make them stronger - physically and mentally

  • Meet new people and making friends

  • Develop a positive mental attitude at school, at home and in the community